The Matrix UAV — Ukrainian research and development company in the field of aviation was created to design and develop unique unmanned aerial vehicles. Our credo — "To surprise and inspire". We design not just modern UAV's, we create the new world in which force of man intelligence interlaced with the best study of the aerodynamics and faultless logic of the on-board computer.

The Matrix UAV was born and has developed in the years of the war of dignity in Ukraine. Originally, group of volunteer’s pilots, engineers, enthusiasts, built on national donations simple and unpretentious scout planes, drones, designed and developed the ground equipment to operate them. We gave away our best products and systems to our troops on the ground who desperately need them on the front line. We teach the military personnel how to operate the new equipment. Ourselves we long months have carried out as volunteers-operators at the frontline, shoulder to shoulder with our future specialists- operators of military drones.

We have vast experiences of how to operate different models of UAV's in severe and dangerous war conditions, under a constant strikes of an antiaircraft artillery and use of radio-electronic warfare against our systems. This experiences transformed in skillful hands our engineers-designers to a new better. It was a start of development more and more powerful flying war machines which are necessary in modern warfare.

Our R&D department created really unique devices — light weight and simple in operation robot planes. Planned to carry out a different missions such as surveying, inspecting, mapping, conducting air reconnaissance and aerial photography, etc. The family of heavy multirotor flying platforms with a big loading capacity’s designed for various civilian and military applications. The series of tethered copters based on the intelligence to keep drone in the air as long as it needs. Achieved by transferring electrical power through the wire running from the ground power suply unit up to hovering copter. This simple and complex solution for the problem could keep drone in the working operational conditions for hours. This kind of tethered design drone allow almost unlimited time to work with data such as conducting observation, retranslation of signals, targeting enemy installations, etc.

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