Matrix UAV

Matrix UAV is a Ukrainian research and production company that develops and manufactures unique unmanned aerial vehicles. Our mission is to surprise and inspire

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This simple and reliable drone initially designed for military intelligence is now successfully used in agriculture and for security purposes

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UAV Katana

UAV Comandor multipurpose hybrid platform

This heavy multi-rotor unmanned flying platform with a long flight time can carry up to 50 kg of equipment or cargo

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Chimera-T (tethered)

To stay in the air for a few hours or even days is a simple task for Chimera-T

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Chimera-H (hybrid)

With its on-board generator, Chimera-H flies long and for long distances, with up to 5 kg of payload

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A tethered copter for a radar station or any other heavy equipment

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We are always glad to demonstrate personally and give details about our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Please agree on your visit by e-mail or by one of the phone numbers given below so that we could give you maximum attention: