Matrix UAV has tested successfully its Chimera-T Tethered MultiCopter with a relay station onboard.

The test has confirmed a positioning accuracy in strong wind conditions and hot ambient temperature. As a result, the airborne station provided a robust wide-band communication at a distance of a few tens of kilometers.

This vehicle allows to use a retransmission station to communicate with other UAVs, ground stations, and ships. Chimera-T Tethered MultiCopter can stay airborne for up to 45 24-hour periods, powered over line from the ground power unit.

With its mobility potential, self-sustainability, and easy deployability, this complex is able to provide a reliable communication on the battlefield, in the natural disaster areas, in the public events’ locations, etc.

Communications range scalability can be achieved by connecting several tethered multicopters, each one equipped with a relay station, thus turning them into an extensive retransmission network, which can cover practically unlimited area.

You can read more about Chimera-T Tethered MultiCopter here.