Matrix UAV is a Ukrainian research and production company that develops and manufactures unique unmanned aerial vehicles. Our mission is to surprise and inspire. It’s not just the design of innovative drones that we engage in: we create new markets, entire new worlds, in which human intellect is powered by faultless aerodynamic performance and excellent on-board computer logic.

Matrix UAV was founded and evolved during the war time. At first, it was made up by a volunteer group of enthusiastic aviators who used people’s donations to build simple and unpretentious reconnaissance aircraft and multi-copters, and design ground-based equipment. We transferred our amateur unmanned aerial equipment to the army, trained military personnel to work with it, and spent many months as volunteer UAV operators in the field.

We have a wide experience of using drones in hard and dangerous battlefield conditions, with anti-aircraft artillery and means of electronic warfare against us. Our skilful designers integrate this experience into new improved aircrafts that are in high demand both for military and peacetime use.

We create truly unique, easy-to-use unmanned aircraft for aerial reconnaissance and aerial photography; heavy-duty multi-rotor flying platforms for a variety of civilian and military applications; “tethered” aircrafts powered from a ground source with practically unlimited flight time for observation, signal retransmission and target indication.