The unmanned aerial vehicles developed in Matrix UAV  R&D department initially were created for the strengthening defense capability of Ukraine, therefore they have distinguished their high level of reliability, unpretentiousness to service conditions, merged with the simplicity of service management. At the same time, this perfect flying machines are constructed on the basis of the most advanced technologies in robotics and profound knowledge in aerodynamics. Unique flight characteristics widely open doors not only for the military but also for the civil applications for the Matrix UAV’s.

Unmanned aerial vehicles such as UAV KATANA — externally simple but in fact technologically complex flying machine. Effective in the close range recognisance missions and could be in use for military ground troops in divisions level platoon-battalion. This drone has proved the efficiency in hundreds of flyhours under good and severed weather conditions, at daylight and night time, under the direct radio-electronic warfare against it. The most important advantage of this aerial machine its simplicity in operation and easy post flight management. To place UAV KATANA in preflight mode all the operator needs is to plug the accumulator, draw a flight route on the tablet, set flight altitude, enter the speed as well as the direction of wind. That’s all, everything else from setting itself on course to landing after mission are finished UAV KATANA will do by itself.

It is obvious that the UAV KATANA can find vast utilization specialy in civil applications — for mapping terrains, monitoring water borders and forest grounds, patrolling highways, inspecting wearing and tering conditions in less approachable places.

The UAV COMANDOR heavy duty multirotor-multipurpose platform was developed as a shock copter of the battlefield, high and low altitudes modern warfare flying machine. This drone can be equipped with the various missiles (ATM / ATGM /ATGW), bombs, and a machine-gun’s. The relatively high speed of the flying platform, astonishing mobility, high flight altitude, or low flight maneuvers in the rounding of a terrain relief mode, together with the big loading capacity, long duration of the flight time makes UAV COMANDOR unique and the best in its family of drones. Various configurations of the payloads perfectly suited for implementation on this flying machine in the needs of the modern warfare. UAV COMANDOR can be used as the flying translocator system, flying radar station of distant detections or as the air defense system unit. This drone also can be used in the cargo delivery of a various freights to the front line such as diferent type of weapons, first aid, water or food supply also UAV COMANDOR could be modify for evacuation wounded from the battlefield.

Civil application of UAV COMANDOR not less wide — a heavy load-lifting copter can be used — for suppression of the high-rise fires and elimination of the explosive centers of ignition, for suppression of field wildfires also it can find its use as the patrolling flying platform equipped with various surveillance devices. This particular dron can work as the high-rise robot assembler. UAV system type COMANDOR can carry the function of a cargo delivery in the most remote places of the country. This multirotor heavy duty platform can deploy emergency medical care in the unapproached places in rescue operations or deliver the medicine to a fare away cauntry hospitals.

UAV EYE tethered drone is intended for a long work at the settled height. Electrical supply for this type of UAV runs from a land-based power source which installed on the car carrier. In this case, UAV moves together with the car. All information data to the drone and from the drone as well as electrical power supply to power electrical motors runs through the special designed tether which connected land-base with the drone. Obvious advantages of this type of UAV — the unlimited time of hovering, not susceptibility to means of any radio electronic warfare attacks and to industrial radio noises. In military science the device is intended for observation of the battlefield, gide targeting, relaying of signals (including — for contact with other UAVs when other UAVs flying on long distances), for use as high-rise radar station of detection on land and air targets. Civilian applications — such as the patrol device for monitoring of border, highways, forest grounds. Watch tower also can be observer during the mass actions or disturbances. UAV EYE can inspect the conditions of high-rise objects, bridges, towers, wind-driven generators, etc. On this type of UAV can be install optical surveillance devices, a laser target guides, the radar, a repeater. As we can see there is a broad application for military and civil needs for UAV EYE.

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