UAV COMANDOR — the heavy multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle was designed with combined propulsion system. Unlike traditional multirotor drones, it has a long time of flight, flies long distances, and can transfer tens of kilograms of payloads. The scalable or for a better word, variable in sizes unmanned flying platforms creating the new scope for drone’s possibilities which could apply in the future applications. The missions of UAV  COMANDOR could be very different and vary from the processing of crop fields in agriculture to the long distance delivery of various payloads. From the patrolling of wildlife to the monitoring city traffics or ground/water line borders. UAV COMANDOR also has a possibility of the use as the flying firefighter — for extinguish of the high-rise fires, for a fight against field wildfires, for suppression of explosive and radioactive objects. The heavy duty flying platform can bear and interchange the various onboard monitoring equipment — video cameras with telescopes, radars, laser scanners, etc. UAV COMANDOR can be applied in the military purposes as the flying weapon despatch, armed with various models — anti-tank missiles, bombs, etc. It can be used for delivery of ammunition, first aid, water and food supply, and also — in the long term for evacuation wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

  • Loading capacity:  from 20 kg
  • Min flight time:  1 hour; (with additional gas tank – 3 hours)
  • Speed flight:  60 km/h
  • Flight altitude:   2 km
Motor type: combined power point
Operational modes: fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual
Exchangeable module blocs: targeting module / panoramic observation module / night vision module