UAV KATANA – lightweight multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle was developed on the scheme “flying wing”. This type of drone is the easiest in operational control. UAV KATANA carry on ideology “draw and launch”. To operate this drone, firstly you need plug the accumulator than draw a flight path on the screen of your ground station device it could be laptop, tablet or a smartphone. The software are friendly interfaced and was developed in the way to eliminate mistakes. Secondly, power on the drone and toss the wing in the air. What could be simpler than this? The operational control such as, climb to a requested altitude, enrooted flight and landing at base UAV KATANA will execute automatically. The simplicity of use is the main advantage of the this type of drone. To lunch UAV KATANA with out any experiences in operation will take a few hours to learn how to do that, despite the fact that the unit itself is functionally complex and easily expandable system. UAV KATANA designed for operation in fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes. Durability of this vehicle allow it to fly at daylight and night time in adverse weather conditions with a wind speed up to 14 meters per second. Doesn’t matter how the weather condition are UAV KATANA always will find its way back to the base.  The drone has a modular design that facilitates repair and simplifies upgrades. The UAV is equipped with interchangeable optics modules, also it could carry onboard other payload such as radiofrequency module, radiation reconnaissance device. As it was mentioned before the UAV KATANA is the modular designed and can be equipped with additional interchangeable onboard equipment’s suitable for customer requirements.

  • Flight distance (max):  80 km
  • Air time:  80 min
  • Effective flight altitude:  300/600 meters
Motor type: electrical
Operational modes: fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual
Exchangeable module blocs: targeting module / panoramic observation module / night vision module