UAV OKO – multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with electric motors powered from a ground power source by a special designed cable. The OKO is hovering surveillance tower. The device can rise to a height of tens of meters, and stay at a predetermined altitude indefinitely long time.  Unmanned aerial vehicle OKO is designed for observation of the enemy on the battlefield and become as a part of a modern warfare system. Implementation of the different sensors and emitters used for targeting enemy ground sources, for monitoring civilian and military installations, watching over specific parts of the land and water borders made this watch tower drone unbeetable. The use of the surveillance tower limitless – from inspections, monitoring, security to a aerial photography and agricultural surveying.

The aerial surveillance could be achieved by different kind of systems: optical system; radiolocation frequency’s system, radio-emitting system as well as a sets of different sensors.  The surveillance also depends on the pay loads and on the tasks need to be accomplished. UAV OKO wired drone could not only lift up on the certain altitude and stay at that position but it could follow the ground unit (car with a drone control system and power supply).

  • Maximum altitude:    100 meters
Motor type: electrical
Flight time: tens of hours
Exchangeable module blocs: optical system/radiolocation system/radio-emitting system

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